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It’s time to RESET the core: A life lesson

What would change in our efforts to hit a RESET in our life stories if we would divide the journey into smaller, achievable goals? Continue reading

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So, why would I do this?

Why? It’s the question that drives parents nuts.  Clean your room.  WHY?  Eat your vegetables? WHY? (And it leads you to realize that “because” is a great answer.) I’m just guessing, but “Why?” is probably the most-asked question in life. And if … Continue reading

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Scars, Wounds & Band-Aids: A Life Lesson

I was interviewing someone for a story once.  It was a miserably hot day and we were in shorts as we sat outside to talk. That’s when the guy I was interviewing noticed the rather large scar on my knee. … Continue reading

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Every story can be renewed: Core Value 3

In our last core value, we focused on the idea that every life, at some point, needs a reset. Maybe the idea of a reset is something we can agree on.  We know that we are imperfect and, we know, … Continue reading

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Reignite Easter: God hits the reset

Will Willmon  summed up the feeling that many in ministry can feel in his book,  Undone by Easter.  He described this feeling as what happens when serving in ministry becomes a grind, a repetition, a constant pressure to be as perfect as … Continue reading

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Core Belief 2: There’s a reset in every story

Every story includes at least one moment when things need to be reset, when a change of direction is needed. Continue reading

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Core Belief 1: Everyone has a story

This is the first post in a series of posts to explain the core beliefs behind this site.  These will be the guiding principles for me as I write, add content, and possibly curriculum to this site.   Let’s start … Continue reading

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