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Jackie Robinson's determination changed baseball forever

When Jackie Robinson stepped on the field for the Dodgers on April 15, 1947, he became the catalyst for change in Major League Baseball and its treatment of African American players. Continue reading

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Why I get up in the morning: Learning my lesson about purpose

Do you ever wrestle with why you get up in the morning or struggle in situations? Maybe it’s because we’re really seeking purpose. Continue reading

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‘X’ marks the spot: Giving up everything to find priceless treasure

What are you willing to give up to find “priceless” treasure? Are you willing to give it up happily? Continue reading

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You have a story to share and it is worth telling

Every story, yours included, has a current moment/season (present). It has a place where it started (past) and it has a destination where it is headed (future). Continue reading

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Bill Buckner’s career so much more than error in the 1986 World Series

Bill Buckner died on Memorial Day 2019. For many, Buckner is simply the player who committed an error in the 1986 World Series. His career was so much more. Continue reading

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‘Houston, we have a rejection problem’: The need for Lent and the journey to Easter

Lent reminds us of our need for a redemption story in our own lives. We need it because somewhere along the way we rejected God. When we recognize the rejection, then we can start taking steps forward. Continue reading

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Five biscuits and two fish sticks: All it takes to show some faith

“Where’s the closest Wal-Mart?” That might as well be the modern equivalent of what Jesus asked Philip at the start of the famed story of Jesus feeding 5,000.  Jesus is concerned about immediate need of this large group and he … Continue reading

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