Core Values

Reignite.008We reignite our life stories when we reset them, renew them and redeem them.  Reignite My Story is based on a series of core values.

  1. Everyone has a story to share: Your life story is worth sharing and it can change help someone else to see that their story is worth sharing as well.
  2. There’s a reset in every life story: Everyone’s story has moments when things get sideways.  A reset gives us the ability to have another chance. For those of faith, you call this grace.
  3. Every life story needs renewal: It’s not enough to have a moment of “reset.” To make that reset a part of who we are, we need to move to renewal.
  4. Every life story is a redemption story: This is true no matter who you are or where your story has been.  You are living a redemption story.