It’s only the Monday after Easter


It’s only Monday.  So much can change in a day.

It’s only Monday.

It’s a day just like any other day in Jerusalem.  The marketplace reopens and people begin to prepare for the journey home after the Passover.

The Roman soldiers that have been in town prepare for the march back home with Pontus Pilate.

It’s only Monday.

The group that arrested Jesus and had him executed on the cross thinks that everything is back to normal.  The authorities think the rebellion has ended. People saw him die.

It’s only Monday.

The closest followers of Jesus have started to get the accounts that Jesus’ tomb is empty. Some have their doubts. Many still haven’t seen him and still think he’s gone.

It’s only Monday.

No matter how that Monday started out, things were changing.  The curtain in the temple was torn.  Jesus got back up from the cross.  Nothing will ever be the same again.  They just don’t know yet what it all means.

It’s Monday. Only Monday.

Centuries later, people were gathered in his name.  Churches and sanctuaries were packed.  People were dressed up in beautiful clothes and wore beautiful smiles. The familiar account of the resurrection was told and retold.  Those who came after the terrible events of the cross celebrated that Jesus is alive.

But, it’s only Monday.

On a Monday, we have to think about the way we view the resurrection.  That view is what has the power to change our lives.

If we view Easter as wrapping up the story of Jesus, as tying up the loose ends, then Easter is just another great Sunday that fades into the reality of Monday.  No matter how “great” the worship service was, it means knowing if the news of Jesus’ resurrection don’t work in our hearts.

And it’s only Monday.

However, if we see Easter as another moment in the journey, as another step in the path, as simply a continuation of a story that’s still being written, then Monday takes on new meaning.  It becomes our journey as well.

Yes, it’s Monday!

And on a Monday such as today, we have the chance to live in the power of a resurrected Jesus and we have the opportunity to boldly proclaim the continuing theme.

He is not here.

He is risen.

It’s Monday and he’s back at work.

If you want to keep up with the Jesus who is back at work then don’t take Monday off.  Get moving!  Tell someone what you heard.  Share the news that Jesus died and was resurrected with anyone who will listen.   It’s Monday and Monday is another opportunity to change someone’s story and journey before next Sunday.

It’s Monday and everything has changed.

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Palm Sunday is a reminder that God wins, always


Palm Sunday reminds us of the clash between God’s way and the world’s way.  It is a clash of storms.

Jesus was much stronger than most people seemed to think.  When Jesus wanted to get your attention and he put that hand on your shoulder, well, you noticed.

I still remember what happened that day. I was just walking and talking with the other disciples when he walked up beside me, put his arm around me and pulled me close.

“Are you up for a special mission today?” he asked, as a smile came over
his face.

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Time management: Making the most of the seconds we have left

clocksTick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

My grandparents collected clocks and their house was filled with the sounds of those ticking clocks.  They had all kinds of clocks from wall clocks to a grandfather clock. I spent the night there a few times and it was difficult to adjust to that sound — especially when they would start to chime on the hours.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Seconds turn into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into months, months into years, years into a lifetime.  The seconds click off the clock.  It doesn’t matter whether you watch the clock or whether you ignore the clock.  The seconds are still drifting by.

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Finding joy even when your situation says you shouldn’t

Finding Joy

Joy and thanksgiving are bigger than happiness.  It’s even possible to find joy in the toughest of situations.

Have you ever heard of Randy Pausch?

He seemingly had everything that you could ask for.  He was a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University.  He was a pioneer in his field and had earned a reputation as someone who was working to open doors for women to pursue careers in computer science.

Then, he received the kind of news that usually does one of two things — brings us closer to God or pushes us further away.

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11 ways to become a totally ineffective volunteer

oldguyVolunteer:  A person who willingly (and without pay) offers to help an organization or individual.

Have you ever wanted to volunteer?  For most organizations and churches, your willingness to jump in and “volunteer” is a reason to start the happy dance. Volunteering is a the lifeblood of religious organizations and nonprofits.  Honestly, these organizations would be unable to function without those who answer the call to volunteer.

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No strain, no gain: Forgetting the past and moving toward God


Have you ever strained for something? It requires you to pull forward with everything that you have.

Don’t look over your shoulder.

I heard that rule when I was running track.  Don’t get caught looking over your shoulder.   When you look back, you lose momentum and you lose sight of your goal.  When you look back, you slow down and your opponents catch up to you.

So, don’t look over your shoulder.

There are many times in life when we can get caught looking over our shoulders.  We lose sight of the goal — the big picture — and we look back.   Maybe, it’s that we carry baggage from something that has happened in our past.  We struggle to forgive, to let go and to more forward.  So, we keep looking back.

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I’m an outsider: Finding Jesus at the fringes


Life on the outside of the church is very different from the perspective of an insider.

It’s taken me awhile to get to this place, to understand it and to embrace it.  So, I’ll just write it “aloud.”

I’m an outsider.

It’s the way I’m built and wired.  It’s the way that I think. How do you define an “outsider?” Outsiders feel as if they are not part of a particular group.  Maybe, you’ve been there as well.  I’ve felt that way too many times to count.

I’m an outsider.

I can be the proverbial “square peg” in a round hole.  It takes some effort for me to find my place, to feel comfortable and to be myself.  I’m cautious.  Maybe even cautiously hopeful. Continue reading

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