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You can’t grow without ‘water’

It’s becoming a daily ritual. At some point in the day, I walk behind the shrubbery and uncoil the water hose.  From there, I drag it to four stops in the front yard. A few weeks ago, I made an … Continue reading

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What are we doing that actually shows the world the importance of the relationship we say we have with God? Continue reading

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I am Thomas: Hope for those who struggle with doubt in their life stories

Does your life story include some periods of real doubt, apprehension, worry and anxiety? The story of Thomas provides some hope for moving forward in the face of extreme doubt. Continue reading

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So, why would I do this?

Why? It’s the question that drives parents nuts.  Clean your room.  WHY?  Eat your vegetables? WHY? (And it leads you to realize that “because” is a great answer.) I’m just guessing, but “Why?” is probably the most-asked question in life. And if … Continue reading

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Every story can be renewed: Core Value 3

In our last core value, we focused on the idea that every life, at some point, needs a reset. Maybe the idea of a reset is something we can agree on.  We know that we are imperfect and, we know, … Continue reading

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Reignite Easter: God hits the reset

Will Willmon  summed up the feeling that many in ministry can feel in his book,  Undone by Easter.  He described this feeling as what happens when serving in ministry becomes a grind, a repetition, a constant pressure to be as perfect as … Continue reading

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A battle of two wolves

Don’t worry: No animals are harmed in the writing of this blog. The movie, Tomorrowland, might seem like a strange place to find a life lesson.  Think again. In the movie, two of the main characters reference a battle of … Continue reading

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