There’s something I absolutely hate when I am trying to run. It bugs me so much that I try my best to avoid it before the running even begins. And, yet, even with my best efforts, it happens.

I start to feel the untied shoe lace slapping against my leg.

It absolutely stinks to experience this unexpected equipment failure in the middle of your running grove.

Generally, in the past when this has happened, running is done for me that day. Stopping to tie my shoe usually leads to my legs tightening up and, after that, I feel like I’m running in mud.

But, today was different. My shoelace came untied about a half-mile into the run. When I realized what had happen, I was first angry with myself. I wondered how I could have been so careless in tying my shoes. But, I stopped, bent down and tied the lace back. And, here is where the story changes. I decided.

I know it is two little words, but it made a difference. I decided to keep on running. I decided to run farther and faster than I did yesterday. I accomplished both of those goals. I decided that the shoelace was not going to stop me from doing what I was trying to do.

I decided… I am finally starting to understand the power of those words in my own life. I decided… Those words are my defiance in the face of depression, anxiety and other feelings that tell me to go home and call it a day. I decided.

What if I (we) could approach more things in life with that feeling? Yes, that happened, but I decided… Yes, I was hurt, but I decided… Yes, I was in pain, but I decided

What have you decided?