HatIt’s been a busy week on ReigniteMyStory and here are some of the top stories in case you missed them:

ONE THING (click here): The meaning of life is “one thing” — at least that’s what you hear in a movie featuring a gruff cowboy.  However, we find that Jesus tells us that “one thing” is important.  Do you know about it? Click here.

GETTING A PEACE RESET (Click here): The world around us seems to be in conlict.  Conflict and drama dominate the news.  Sometimes, it’s enough to make you ask, “Where are the peacemakers?” Click here.

LIVING A SUPER LIFE (Click here):You don’t have to be Captain America to live a superhero life.  Lessons from Marvel movies that illustrate what it truly means to follow  the source of our power. Click here.

A STORY WORTH SHARING (Click here): Your life tells a story. Your journey through the ups and downs and challenges fill the pages of your story.  And, your story is worth sharing with others. Click here.

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