Scripture pictures.004

The church I attend is working through a summer sermon series on the “I AM” statements of Jesus.

Those statements are important because when Jesus says, “I AM,” he is helping us to know something about his nature and the nature of God.

Resets are a gift of grace.  They are not earned and certainly not deserved.  They are rooted in the love, sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus.

This statement says three things about Jesus that help us when we are seeking to hit the reset button on our lives:

  • First, Jesus is THE WAY.  He’s not “a way.”  True life-changing resets acknowledge that Jesus is the way to grace.
  • Second, Jesus is THE TRUTH.  He’s not “a truth.”  If we want to know God, we have to know Jesus.  If we want to be forgiven, to receive grace and mercy, to reset our lives, we must know THE TRUTH that comes from Jesus.
  • Third, Jesus is THE LIFE.  The opposite of life is death, the absence of life.  In Jesus, we find the true source of resets — it’s another chance at life, a way to live a bigger, better story.