Psalm 18:28 is a reminder that the light of God is bigger than the darkness.

You’ve probably had the chance to see, at least, one lighthouse in your lifetime.

Lighthouses are interesting to look out and fun to climb.  However, they serve a verse distinct purpose.

In the ancient world, before the construction of lighthouses, sailors were guided in to ports by fires on tops of hills.  These lights aided in the navigation and gave targets for those whose journeys would take them through darkness.

Over time, the lighthouses developed into towers that would serve the same purpose.

Many lighthouses had keepers who had a job of making sure the light was functioning so that the ships could navigate.  Over time, the source of the light has changed from fires to gas lamps to electric lights to solar powered, but the purpose of the light has never changed.

Lighthouses are designed to help those whose journeys take them through darkness to find their way home again.

There are many references in scripture to the issue of light and darkness.  This verse from Psalm 18:28 is a reminder of the power of light in the darkness:

You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.

So for those who are journeying through darkest places of life, for those who are walking through depression, anxiety and tough situations, for those who are trying desperately to make it home again — there is a light that will help you to navigate back home again.

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