BibleFor the past couple of weeks, I’ve posted a series of articles from the Book of Philemon.

So, first question you are probably asking: What is Philemon and why did you write that many posts about it?  Philemon is probably a seldom used book in worship services or sermon preparation.  It’s the shortest of Paul’s letters and is written while he is prison (he is assisted by Timothy).

Yet, this short letter gives us a glimpse into the gospel and into themes of forgiveness and reconiliation.  It’s a letter written to Philemon, a friend and fellow believer, on behalf of Onesimus, a slave who ran away from Philemon.

The following are the links to the entire series:

  • Facing a tough conversation?  Here’s one bilbical approach to having it.  Click here.
  • What would change if our attempts to persuade others sounded less like an order and more like an appeal to the heart?  Click here.
  • We can change our approach with others when we start to see that they are people of sacred worth. Click here.
  • How does your life fit into the bigger picture of what God is doing in the world? Click here.
  • Forgiveness has the power to change us from the inside out.  Click here.
  • Witnessing an act of love has the power to refresh our hearts. Click here.
  • Our mission is to love God AND love others.  Click here.

Thanks for reading the posts and I certainly appreciate the likes, comments, shares, etc.

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